Le Bar Bat - NYC 1995

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In order to form a premier tribute band with the likeness of Steely Dans' elite ensembles of the '70's a search for professionally seasoned musicians with jazz/rock roots and outstanding credits began in the fall of 1992. After only a few screened auditions and occaisional meetings in between projects, it was clear that the concept was meant to be. With a well renowned line up of live/studio musicians and a rock & roll crooner coached by David Sorin-Collier(all of whom respect and admire the work of Fagen/Becker & crew), PRETZEL LOGIC will, in various interpretations, bring back the intricate and outrageous sounds of the '70's that still live on today.

In 2020, Captivox Productions is proud to bring back their most successful rock tribute ensemble. From 1992 to 2002 it was often wondered how 6 musicians could capture the  jazz/rock/blues/crossover impact of STEELY DAN? But the music was consistently and 'outrageously' offered time after time, show after show! Now PRETZEL LOGIC/Steely Dan Tribute Show is available for live performance AGAIN! Contact Captivox Productions for booking details. 


DAN GALASSO - Lead Vocals/Percussion

JEFF McGILL -Piano; Keys; Synth

KLYPH JOHNSON - Saxaphones/Synth

PAT LAVERY - Bass/Vocals

MIKE HOFFMAN - Lead Guitar

PHIL BANETTE - Drums/Vocals