1)The One Hit Wonders/Multi-Tribute Show is an interesting THEME project that should build followers based on the up-beat/dance/sing-a-long set list. To get this out LIVE we need  1) a keyboardist (with vocal skills) and 2) a guitarist (with vocal skills). I know... tough to find. BUT this is the ultimate 'minimal time" steady side project for professionals... period. We meet in studio; chart tunes and GO! We book according to YOUR schedule. Substitute musicians are also listed. Contact me directly for complete details and draft song list plan. I see great potential in this one, so email to: Captivox9@outlook.com for full info! 

2)*Acoustic rock JAM trio:

I'm still searching for a particular type working musician to complete this acoustic rock JAM trio project. Candidate must be  an acoustic guitarist expert WITH vocal skills. If I don't find the right singer for the job, I won't bother getting it out there. If you have solid performing experience in both departments, and are interested in this side project...

please send me contact info and links:

(203)219-8812 or Captivox9@outlook.com .

Solid gigging; 2 to 3 gigs per month MAX.

Minimal to NO rehearsing.

$125 per player per gig minimum.

I'm ready... 3 sessions to go through material and gig out! : - o

3)* 5 piece rock ensemble:

Patiently seeking veteran working musicians with instrumental AND vocal skills for an ultimate rock based side project that can 'wow' any crowd. Minimal to NO rehearsing; solid booking; $100 per player per gig to start. KILLER unexpected material with outstanding vocal harmonies is main focus. Yes, I'm dreaming; is that a crime? If you want an easy pro side gig... this is it.

4)* OHW (1 hit wonder) project:

This idea is a total opposite to most of my activities, where there's no deadline. The idea is to write songs(as many as possible)until I reach a few that seem to have strong potential... and then pull together session players to nail it in studio. After that, it's market like crazy in any direction... sell it; radio play; whatever. Sound desperate? That's what I thought! Musicians who compose but need lyric assistance... I'm ALWAYS open for collaboration. Want to sell a hit? : - o

5)* Quick DEMO project:

Songwriters OR bands... do you need a quick fix on a track or 3? Shoot your instrumental master track with lyrics and without lyrics. I'll send you back lead and/or background vocal tracks via Garageband or Steinberg Qbase. ProTools I don't have... but have access(if necessary). 

: - o

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